Honey Run Park

16 min. drive | 10.5 miles

This park, named for the stream, Honey Run, that cascades over the waterfall, is open to the public 365 days a year. In 2009, the Park District purchased an additional 19 acres from the Millwood Sand Company, which provides visitors the ability to hike from the waterfall to the Kokosing River. Along the walk, visitors can view spectacular blackhand sandstone cliffs and boulders.


348-acre property located across the road from the Honey Run Waterfall. The site serves as excellent habitat for state-threatened wildlife species. The Barn Owl, Bobcat, Wild Turkeys, white-tailed deer, and Ring-necked Pheasants are just a few of the wildlife observed. Many species of songbirds and butterflies have been seen on this ecologically diverse site. During the summer months, butterfly monitoring is conducted by a group of volunteers on the park’s Butterfly Transect Trail (see link below to download a Butterfly ID Park checklist). A single male Bobwhite Quail was spotted in August 2015. In addition, 60 acres of warm season grasses and prairie forbs have been planted on the site, improving the water quality of Honey Run and providing soil erosion control on highly erodible soils. The Park District manages Honey Run Highlands warm season grasslands/prairie forb areas with prescribe fire.

Archers, by permit-only, assist the Park District with our deer management program, during Ohio’s white-tailed deer archery season. Archery participants pursue their sport at Honey Run Highlands throughout the week (including weekends) during archery season which typically runs from the end of September through the beginning of February. Gun hunting is prohibited at the park.